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Amy K.

Dr. Sara Mahan has been such a light in what has been such a dark, hard season of my life. With anxiety and depression stealing my life from me, I made a decision to fight back. I have spent the last 3 years going to every type of doctors appointment and trying every type of medication that may ease my symptoms. After two years, all I had to show for the appointments and the medications was weight gain and hopelessness. I finally came to the point that I would try to reach out and find a holistic approach to my healing. I had already been cleaning up my diet, exercising, getting outside, meditating, and really anything else I could possibly do for myself, but I desperately still needed help. I was blessed to find a functional medicine coach that led me through 9 months of gut healing and hormone balancing protocols. I am sure this was creating a wonderful foundation for me, but I still felt hopeless at every appointment because nothing seemed drastic in my healing. At then end of our 9 months, I had her dumbfounded and she referred me to Dr. Sara Mahan as a last resort. My first conversation with Sara was supposed to be a 20 minute introduction. She spent and hour and a half with me going over EVERYTHING. Her energy, her knowledge, her passion…for the first time in three years I felt like I was about to truly get the help and guidance I needed! In literally the two months that I have been with Dr. Sara. I have noticed immediate relief from my anxiety, depression, brain fog, severe PMS symptoms, chronic fatigue. THIS IS HUGE!! In just two months, she has taught me immensely more than any doctor or coach I have worked with. I have been so passionate about my healing journey for so many reasons, but I knew I wanted to LEARN how to take care of this precious gift of life that I have been given not only for myself but for my daughters. I want to educate and live out this example so they hopefully have a stronger, healthier life. Dr. Sara has given me the tools to help heal my mind, body and soul and has educated me so that I can teach my daughters how to do the same. I will be eternally grateful for the impact and care she has provided me. What a true gift she has and a true gift she is!

Is it your turn?

Imagine what it would feel like to be writing one of these testimonials for yourself. It gives me chills just thinking about the possibility! Are you ready to commit to life changing work? I'll be here to guide you through it.

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