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Meet Dr. Sara

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Dr. Sara Mahan received her Doctor of Pharmacy from Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy in 2011. Practicing in the community pharmacy setting, she realized many of her patients were not getting better using conventional pharmaceutical methods. Dr. Sara was disheartened when she realized how many patients assumed their medications would heal their bodies when in fact, many were prescribed an ever-increasing horde of pills to cover worsening symptoms. Frustrated with the current system, Dr. Sara started studying functional and holistic medicine to give patients new options.

Today, Dr. Sara’s brilliant combination of allopathic and holistic education makes her a powerhouse practitioner. Her encyclopedia of knowledge and dedication helps the modern-day patient balance necessary medications while addressing the actual root cause of their health problems.

Sara lives in the South Seattle suburbs with her husband and their two kiddos. Chicago raised but a California girl at heart, Dr. Sara loves playing in the sun with her kids, learning more about everything health-related, attending Barre classes and enjoying her husband’s healthy cooking.

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What can I help you with?

Digestive Issues & 
Food Sensitivities

Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, headaches, arthritis, eczema, mood disturbances, etc..It all starts in the gut. We can use testing to pinpoint dysfunction.

Hormone Balancing

PMS, sore breasts, mood swings, hormonal acne, bloating and heavy periods have all been normalized, but it's completely possible to have a non-eventful period!

Adrenals, Thyroid, & Energy

Tired and sluggish, or maybe anxious and exhausted? Let's bring back your energy and vitality. You'll feel better than you have in years.


Toxins are all around us. Which products should you be using? What's the best way to detoxify? Do you have a genetic component that makes it more difficult? I'll help you answer these questions and more!

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