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Please have a look at my frequently asked questions.
If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, click one of the buttons below and I'll talk with you soon.

So what is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine shifts the focus away from just treating symptoms and aims to understand why those symptoms are occuring in the first place. Think of a 4-year old that is constantly asking why. You ask why until you figure out what's causing dysfunction. You then address that by removing what's causing the imbalance and replacing it or rebalancing with whatever the body needs to allow healing.

What would working with you look like?

Since Functional Medicine is very much a lifestyle medicine, we are going to focus on the foundations that build health. We'll meet every couple of weeks to address food choices, stress, toxins, and more. For some people, this is enough. For others, we need to dig deeper and this is where testing comes into play. If testing is done, I'll develop a personalized protocol for you and be with you each step of the way.

What kind of tests do you offer and how much are they?

Great question- click here to see the most common ones I use. Price-wise, they vary between $250-$350 each. I love to use testing because it allows us to pinpoint what's going on instead of guessing. It's an upfront investment that ultimately saves you time and money in the long run. 


Do you take health insurance?

I don't, it is out of pocket. On the bright side, since we aren't involving insurance we can do the testing and supplements that are ideal for you without having to worry about the insurance saying no.

Why can't my doctor run these tests?

Your doctor certainly could run these tests, but what would they do with the information? The responsibility would fall on them to interpret and take action. The bottom line, your doctor isn't bad, functional medicine just isn't in their toolkit.

What's the difference between Conventional Medicine and Functional Medicine?

There is a place for both models. Conventional Medicine is awesome for emergencies, diagnosing, imaging, biopsying, etc. Most doctors look at labs to diagnose. The diagnosis doesn't matter in Functional Medicine because we're looking at underlying factors causing the imbalance. The focus is on optimizing the foundations of health and giving your body the tools to heal itself. Functional Medicine also uses different ranges which allows us to notice patterns and catch problems before they become a full-blown disease. 
Since they are so different, it's important to keep seeing your primary care doctor during this work, it's not a replacement.


Can I buy 1 session at a time instead of a package?

The biggest transformation for you is going to come with working consistently together, especially in the beginning. We need to make sure you have the foundations down and navigate ways to make the lifestyle work for you. I want you to be successful in this and packages allow that to happen in two ways- 1-you're held accountable, and 2- I'm here to help you pivot when things don't go as planned. So while I don't offer single sessions, you do have the option for a monthly payment plan.

How long does this take?

This totally depends on the person as everyone's journey is unique. When was the last time you felt well? What's your support system like? How committed are you to make changes? In my experience, most people feel markedly better after the first 3 months and can go into more of a "maintenance mode" around 6 months. Complicated cases will take longer, but that is not the majority. My goal is to uncover the root of your issues, address them head-on, and provide a sustainable way to maintain healing in the quickest amount of time possible. Also a reminder that we are working to create lasting change, so it's not a sprint to the finish line ;)

I'm not ready to totally dive in, what other options do you have?

Depending on what you have going on, we may be able to work just on the foundations and still get you phenomenal results. I also offer a pantry clean-out session if navigating food is where you want to start. Coming soon, I will have a "go at your own pace" course. If you're interested in that, message me and I'll let you know when it's available.


Where are you located?

I'm in the Seattle area, but work virtually, so I have clients from all over!

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